Sticking with the Client for the Long-Haul Instills Confidence and Results


Barbara Lubben, Director of Risk Management, Alameda County


As California’s seventh largest county, a program was underwritten to accommodate four projects and an estimated project volume of $158 million.

Project Scope

  • Marketing and placement of major insurance lines including
    • General liability
    • Workers compensation
    • Excess liability
  • Go-to-market on pollution and professional liability insurance
  • Risk assessment and risk management services for bidding and preconstruction & on-going risk analysis for the entire program
    • Project site logistics
    • Environmental and hazard materials exposures
    • Project constructability risks
    • Contractual risk transfer




Competing with larger volume programs for market visibility.
Collaborative approach and a strategy to develop a comprehensive submission focused on the value proposition and story of the program
Underwriter acceptance and comfort levels.
Held a series of safety calls to highlight loss control plans and answer any questions regarding approach to safety and loss control.
Providing client with a thorough but organized overview of carriers.
Consolidated findings of numerous carriers with recommendations and a full summary presentation highlighting critical factors for consideration.
Unforeseen client delays.
Strong relationship management throughout the delay, constant communication and a final placement that was ready to go.


Risk Management

Through a strong, organized program, all project contract documents were aligned, language was clear and all county protocols followed thereby resulting in the first two projects bid without and OCIP protests.


Worked directly with a smaller contractor to meet OCIP Safety Standards through education, training and supervision, resulting in the contractor feeling much more confident in terms of safety.


By sticking with our client through thick and think, learning about their needs from their perspective and leaning on our expertise and proven track record, this program is now approaching year 2 of operation, working toward the enrollment of a 2nd project ($98M) with no claims reported and project administration running very smoothly.